WorkDo Dash SaaS - Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace

WorkDo Dash SaaS: Scalable & Efficient Business Management. Multi-workspace, cloud-based, and customizable. Boost productivity & collaboration.

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WorkDo Dash SaaS delivers a powerful solution for managing your organization effectively. Its unique features and flexible cloud-based architecture empower businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and achieve their goals.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Multi-workspace Management: Tailored company-specific management through dedicated workspaces, allowing for efficient organization and control.
Cloud-based SaaS Model: No need for local installations, facilitating easy deployment, scalability, and accessibility from anywhere.
Multi-addons: Customize the system with additional modules to fit specific business needs and enhance adaptability.
Seamless Collaboration: Fosters efficient communication and teamwork within and across workspaces.
Streamlined Data Management: Centralized platform for data storage, access, and analysis, providing insightful information for informed decision-making.
Optimized Processes: Automate workflows and eliminate tedious tasks, improving operational efficiency and productivity.
Heightened Productivity: Empower employees to focus on core tasks, leading to increased output and overall success.
Benefits for Different Business Needs:

Startups: Easily scale your operations without worrying about infrastructure management.
Small Businesses: Streamline processes and collaboration, freeing up resources for growth.
Large Enterprises: Manage complex operations across multiple departments and locations.
WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. It delivers a flexible and scalable platform to meet diverse needs and empowers organizations to achieve their full potential.

Unleash Your Business Potential with WorkDo Dash SaaS: Open-Source ERP with Multi-Workspace Functionality
Experience the Power of Multi-Workspace Management:

Work smarter, not harder: Manage multiple companies and teams with dedicated workspaces, enhancing organizational control and flexibility.
Tailored to your needs: Each workspace can be customized with specific settings and preferences to perfectly align with your business processes.
Unparalleled scalability: Seamlessly add or remove workspaces as your needs evolve, ensuring your platform always grows with your business.
Craft Your Dream Platform with Premium Add-ons:

Extend the reach of your ERP: Integrate additional functionalities like CRM, HR, and POS through a diverse range of premium add-ons.
Precisely address your needs: Choose the modules that perfectly complement your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need.
Seamless integration: Enjoy a smooth and intuitive user experience with add-ons that integrate seamlessly into your core platform.
Embrace White Label Customization for a Unique Brand Identity:

Make it your own: Rebrand the platform with your logo, colors, and domain name for a truly personalized experience.
Boost brand recognition: Deliver a consistent and recognizable brand experience across all user touchpoints.
Own your platform: Enjoy complete control over the user experience and maintain a unique brand identity.
Discover a Visually Appealing and User-Friendly Interface:

Choose your look: Select from a range of visually appealing themes and color options to personalize your user interface.
Intuitive and easy to use: Navigate the platform with ease thanks to a user-friendly interface designed for efficiency.
Tailored to your preferences: Customize the layout and settings to match your individual workflow and preferences.
Empower Users with Flexible Add-on Pricing and Selection:

Transparent pricing: Super Admins can establish custom pricing for add-ons, ensuring affordability and flexibility for users.
Choice and control: Users can select and subscribe to only the add-ons they need, tailoring the platform to their specific requirements.
Streamlined user management: Manage user access and permissions effectively with a unified registration system.
Unify Your Data with Cloud Storage Integration:

Secure and reliable data storage: Choose from local, AWS, or Wasabi cloud storage solutions to optimize data accessibility and security.
Scalable storage: Seamlessly scale your storage capacity as your data needs grow.
Enhanced data collaboration: Collaborate effectively across your team with centralized and accessible data storage.
Embrace Global Accessibility with Multi-Currency and Language Support:

Connect with the world: Conduct business globally with support for multiple currencies and languages.
Break down communication barriers: Ensure a seamless user experience for your diverse team and client base.
Customize Every Detail with Enhanced Settings and Options:

Tailored to your needs: Control everything from the layout and theme to RTL support and print customization.
User-centered design: Create a user experience that perfectly reflects your brand and preferences.
Enhanced accessibility: Ensure the platform is accessible and inclusive for all users.
Built on a Robust Foundation for Long-Term Success:

Reliable and secure: Leverage the power of the Laravel 9 framework for optimal performance and security.
Open-source and flexible: Customize and extend the platform to perfectly fit your evolving needs.
Scalable and future-proof: Invest in a platform that will grow with your business for years to come.
WorkDo Dash SaaS is not just an ERP, it's a powerful tool that empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve their full potential. Experience the difference with a platform built around your needs, designed for flexibility, and focused on user experience. Start your journey to business success today.

Salient Features of WorkDo Dash SaaS – Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace
This feature Multi-Workspace of WorkDo Dash SaaS allows users to create and manage multiple workspaces within the ERP system. Each workspace functions as a separate environment where specific teams or departments can collaborate and work on their respective tasks. For example, you might have a workspace for accounting, another for human resources, and so on. Multi-workspace functionality helps keep data and processes organized and enables efficient communication and coordination across different parts of the organization.

Multi-Addon Feature in WorkDo Dash SaaS enhances the capabilities of your ERP product by accommodating various add-ons or extensions. Add-ons, which may incur an additional cost, enable users to acquire extra modules or features. These can be seamlessly integrated with the core ERP system, elevating its functionality to meet specific business needs. The support for multiple add-ons not only provides flexibility but also scalability, empowering customers to tailor their system and incorporate additional features according to their requirements.

Core SaaS Product
The WorkDo Dash SaaS supports you with the core functionality of your SaaS product. This includes your product’s primary features and services, such as project management, accounting, HRM, CRM, or any other area in which you specialize.

Add-on Selection and Subscription
The company as a user of WorkDo Dash SaaS can browse and select the add-ons it wants to include in its subscriptions. Each add-on has a clear description and pricing information by the Super Admin. The company can choose the specific add-on it needs, based on its business requirements, and subscribe to them along with the core product.

Subscription Tiers
The WorkDo Dash SaaS offers multiple subscription tiers with pricing options for its basic package. It also offers pricing plans for add-ons, available regularly such as monthly or yearly basis. The Super Admin has the flexibility to adjust the pricing as needed, ensuring customization and cost management to meet the business requirements.

Subscription Plan
The subscription plan feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS helps you manage the subscription details and add or remove the add-ons. While purchasing the add-ons, the company has to choose the number of users for that particular add-on. According to that, the company can create users regardless of the client, staff, or vendor.

WordDo Dash SaaS simplifies the management of dashboards based on subscribed add-ons within the company. This means that specific add-ons such as “Project”, ”Accounting”, ”HRM”, ”CRM”, ”POS”, ”Support Tickets”, ”Sales”, and ”Rotas” will have dedicated dashboards showcasing all relevant details. The active add-on determines which dashboard is visible, allowing businesses to focus on the specific information and functionalities they require.

Specific Setups in the Add-ons
Upon purchasing add-ons like “Project”, “HRM”, ”CRM”, ”Support Ticket”, and ”Sales” in WorkDo Dash SaaS, the users can access the system setup within each add-on. This allows for quick configuration of essential elements such as branches, departments, leads, account types, and more, aligning with the specific features and functionalities offered by each module. These setup options streamline the initial configuration process, enabling users to swiftly customize the system according to their organizational requirements within the respective add-on modules.

Assign Roles to Each Staff
With the multi-user feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS, you can assign roles to clients, staff, and vendors. This enables you to manage their permissions and control their access to specific parameters, ensuring streamlined and secure collaboration within the system.

Product and Service Add-on
The WorkDo Dash SaaS product and service module offers a comprehensive insight into procured products and services, encompassing warehouse particulars. A standout attribute enables effortless import of product and service data through a .csv file. These details are readily accessible and intelligible, presented in user-friendly lists and grid views that deliver a clear snapshot of available offerings.

The Setup option empowers users to craft, update, and remove categories while selecting distinctive colors for “Product & Services Category,” “Invoice/Proposal/Revenue Category,” “Tax,” and “Unit.” Specific categories are automatically incorporated upon add-on acquisition and feature inclusion.

Within this segment, the product stock function facilitates inputting product quantities, and new product and service creation is seamlessly managed via this module.

Proposal Module with QR Code
Think of the Proposal Module in WorkDo Dash SaaS as a tool that helps you make special offers or suggestions to people who might want to buy things from you. It’s like creating a detailed plan that shows what you’re offering, how much it costs, and all the important details. This tool makes it easier to organize these plans, so you can show them to customers. It helps keep track of everything and talk to customers about what they want. Just imagine it as a way to make deals and communicate better with your clients. And there’s even a QR code feature that adds a special code to the proposals for easy access!

Invoice Module with QR Code
The invoice module of WorkDo Dash SaaS is a document issued by you to request payment for goods or services provided to a client or customer. It includes details such as the itemized list of products or services, quantities, prices, applicable taxes, payment terms, the total amount due, and the due date. Here, new invoices can be created or converted from the proposal. The invoice module facilitates the creation, management, and tracking of invoices, and allows accurate record-keeping. It can generate invoices based on sales orders, handle adjustments, and provide reports for financial analysis and reconciliation. Additionally, it helps streamline the overall invoicing workflow, improving efficiency and reducing errors in the billing process.

Projects and Project Reports: Utilizing the project module embedded in WorkDo Dash SaaS, you can seamlessly initiate new projects and designate dedicated teams for each endeavor. Extend invitations to numerous team members for collaborative efforts, while also facilitating client involvement in these projects. The adaptable permissions and controls empower you to finely manage client access. Define project budgets and set significant milestones, enhancing organizational clarity. Cost and summary data can be affixed to these milestones, with their progress conveniently updated via a dropdown menu. Real-time project activities can be tracked through a dedicated tab, complemented by a graphical representation that facilitates easy progress monitoring.

Customers and Vendors Access: Efficiently manage your customer database by generating individualized email addresses for each client. This enables customers to effortlessly log in and access their invoice statuses and transaction particulars whenever necessary. In addition, maintaining comprehensive records of shipping and billing addresses enhances trade convenience. Correspondingly, vendors can conveniently access their bills and transaction records through their designated email addresses, ensuring a streamlined and accessible trade experience.

Create Account: Initiate account creation effortlessly and flexibly by seamlessly updating critical details such as the account holder’s name, bank name, account number, opening balance, and contact number. This system allows you to easily edit this essential information as needed, providing a smooth and adaptable account management experience.

Transfer Money: Effortlessly uphold transaction records and easily facilitate fund transfers between bank accounts using a range of convenient methods. The system empowers you to effortlessly search for specific transfers through simplified options, enhancing clarity and accessibility in tracking transactions.

Revenue Management: Efficiently logs newly generated revenue by initiating the creation of new revenue entries. Modify the revenue source and include relevant references for comprehensive documentation. Additionally, streamline your revenue tracking by applying filters based on accounts, customers, and categories, allowing for precise and organized revenue management.

Manage Bills: Managing bills becomes a streamlined process with WorkDo Dash SaaS. You can effortlessly edit existing bills by adding payments, and with a simple click, download, print, or resend bills. The transition from “Draft” to “Sent” status makes bills visible to vendors, triggering email notifications to keep them in the loop. Monitoring payment statuses and updating payment summaries is hassle-free. Vendors benefit from multiple payment methods, including convenient QR code scanning.

Payment Management: Efficiently record newly generated expenses by creating tailored payment entries. Modify payment categories and attach relevant references to maintain a comprehensive record of expenditures. Simplify expense tracking by applying filters based on accounts, customers, and categories, ensuring precision in expense management.

Reports: Unlock valuable insights with a range of reports at your disposal. These encompass transaction details, account statements, income summaries, expense summaries, analyses of income versus expenses, tax summaries, profit and loss statements, invoice summaries, bill summaries, and product stock updates. Download most reports in versatile formats to match your needs, and elevate analysis with exported transactions and account statements in Excel files. Filters refine report data, and graphical representations of the Income vs. Expense chart and comprehensive Profit and Loss calculations empower informed decision-making. Tailor views of tax summaries and Income vs. Expense charts by selecting specific financial years, enabling strategic financial planning.

Employee: WorkDo Dash SaaS streamlines employee management by facilitating the creation and oversight of comprehensive employee profiles. These profiles encompass personal information, company details, essential documents, and bank account particulars. Designate employees to specific branches, departments, roles, and designations, and efficiently manage vital documents such as joining letters, experience certificates, and NOCs.

Salary Parameters: Tailor payslips effortlessly by adding components like allowances, commissions, overtime, and miscellaneous payments, while also accounting for deductions such as saturation and loans. This simplified process leads to the seamless generation of monthly payslips.

Payslip: Instantly generate monthly payslips and efficiently process bulk payments with simple clicks. Modify payslip statuses conveniently using intuitive Call-to-Action buttons. Employees gain insights into their salary breakdowns, empowering transparency.

Leave Management: Effortlessly maintain and track leave data by creating new leave records. This feature provides comprehensive insights into leave types, reasons, and durations. Approve or reject leave requests with ease.

Attendance Module: Efficiently manage employee attendance, especially in large organizations, through this module. Precisely monitor attendance for numerous employees within seconds. Filter attendance data based on dates and months for quick insights.

Bulk Attendance Module: Simplify attendance tracking for individual employees or groups with the Bulk Attendance Module. Seamlessly add and update clock-in and clock-out timings in bulk.

HR Admin: The HR admin module within WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a range of capabilities. The Holiday function empowers companies to create holidays visible on the calendar and importable via Excel files. HR Admin options, including Awards, Transfers, Resignations, Trips, Promotions, Complaints, Warnings, Terminations, and Announcements, are all under the company’s purview. Creation and management of documents and company policies are overseen by the company, with limited viewing access for employees.

Events and Reports: Stay prepared for upcoming events by assigning employees and departments to event reminders. Easily create events and descriptions for seamless organization. Access detailed monthly attendance reports sorted by branch and department, as well as branch and department-wise leave reports on both monthly and yearly bases.

IP Restrict Features: Enhance security through IP Restrict Features, enabling the organization to specify which IP addresses can access specific accounts. Registered IP addresses on the company’s side prevent fraudulent entries and ensure secure access.

Leads Management: Effortlessly oversee generated leads through both Kanban and List views. Establish pipelines and assign stages to diverse leads. Enhance lead management by incorporating Users, Items, Files, Notes, Sources, Call Details, Emails, and Discussions. All essential lead information is presented in a well-organized layout for easy reference.

Deal Management: Similar to Leads Management, view deals using Kanban or List views. Gain insights into deals spanning a week, a month, and the past 30 days. Seamlessly allocate Tasks, Products, Files, and Users for each deal. Manage discussions and notes with ease. Experience a Kanban view for comprehensive deal insight. In essence, dealing with deals has never been more streamlined.

Reports: Access comprehensive reports that delve into lead and deal conversion for specific weeks. These reports shed light on conversion sources and are complemented by monthly graphs that visually represent overarching trends and patterns.

Form Builder: The Form Builder in CRM is a helpful tool that allows you to create customized forms for collecting important information from your customers or leads. It’s like creating a digital questionnaire or survey that you can use to gather specific details from people.

Warehouse and Purchase Management: WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a streamlined approach to establishing and overseeing multiple warehouses. Furthermore, it simplifies the efficient management of products and services sourced from various vendors, thoughtfully categorized based on pre-registered categories.

POS and POS Order Management: Experience the convenience of WorkDo Dash SaaS as it facilitates a seamless shopping experience. Effortlessly add products to the cart by selecting the relevant warehouse. This feature caters to both existing and walk-in customers, ensuring seamless purchases via the Point of Sale (POS) management system.

Effective communication is a vital cornerstone of any business. WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a user-friendly Messenger Module that ensures direct and consistent interaction with users and clients, fostering seamless and immediate communication.

Email Templates managed by Super Admin
Simplify your communication process with the Email Templates feature in WorkDo Dash SaaS. Instead of crafting new emails from scratch each time, users can select from pre-defined or personalized email layouts. This approach ensures preparedness, maintains consistency in drafts, enhances accessibility, and minimizes the effort required for repetitive email composition. These templates can be customized to suit diverse needs, improving efficiency and professionalism in your communication.

Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi
Protection of your is indeed mandatory. This feature of Cloud Data Storage helps the user with the same.
It facilitates both the internal and external data storage space for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, and storage tiering based on a range of costs, availability, performance, recovery, and migration requirements. AWS and Wasabi are third-party authenticated Cloud Data Storage providers that safeguard the data from hacking and are cost-efficient.

AI Module
The AI module is a transformative feature that integrates artificial intelligence capabilities across various modules, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the platform. By harnessing the power of AI’s predictive analytics, automation, and intelligent insights, this module elevates user experiences and outcomes across functions like employee management, CRM, financial management, project management, HRM, POS, inventory management, data analytics, and reporting. With AI, businesses can make data-driven decisions, automate processes, and adapt to changing scenarios with greater accuracy and agility, making it an invaluable asset across our suite of products.

Userlogged Details Module
The userlogged module is used to track and manage user login activities. The basic functionality of a userlogged module would be to keep track of each user’s login activity, including the time and date of each login, the user’s IP address, and any other relevant information. That can be used to monitor user activity and ensure that only authorized users are accessing the system. Overall, a userlogged module can be a useful tool for maintaining the security and integrity of a software system by ensuring that user logins are properly tracked and monitored.

Our Complimentary Add-ons
Product Service
Effortlessly manage your products and services with our intuitive Add-on

Simplify content management with our versatile CMS Add-on

Streamline Project Management and Collaboration: Assign tasks, milestones, and bugs, track progress, and enhance team productivity effortlessly

Simplify Accounting, Inventory, and Billing with Ease: Streamline financial management, control inventory effortlessly, and automate billing for your business

Effortlessly Manage Your HR Needs: Simplify employee management, streamline recruitment, and handle payroll with ease using this comprehensive HRM system

Simplify Sales and Purchase Management: Boost your business efficiency with an all-in-one POS solution that streamlines sales, tracks inventory, and simplifies your day-to-day operations

Efficiently Manage Leads and Deals: Streamline lead and deal management, convert prospects into customers, and make informed decisions with this CRM system

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