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Kadence is highly optimized for performance, but it's also incredibly versatile, with dozens of beautifully designed

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<p>Quickly launch with a starter template, and change global colors and fonts.</p>
<p>Build new pages with drop-in-ready sections from the design library.</p>
<p>Want to build effective websites?</p>
<p>You need the tools to make building beautiful sites easy. We know you pour your heart and soul into what you do. To get the best return for your effort, you need an effective website. We work with people like you every day to help create uncompromisingly effective sites.</p>
<p>Steps to Create Effective Sites:</p>
<p>Quickly launch your site by importing a starter template.</p>
<p>Craft powerful content with Kadence Blocks.</p>
<p>Extend your site&rsquo;s superpowers with our plugins.</p>
<p>Get premium support any time you need it.</p>
<p>Join the thousands of site owners using Kadence.</p>
<p>Get Kadence</p>
<p>Build with our fast and versatile theme. Launch quickly from one of our vast library of starter templates.</p>
<p>Get powerful page building for WordPress. Build any layout you can dream up.</p>
<p>Shop Kit</p>
<p>Grow your eCommerce revenue with Shop Kit, the most robust WooCommerce extension available.</p>
<p>Boost sales and build engaged audiences with lightweight popups, banners, and slide-ins.</p>
<p>No Bloat, No Limitations</p>
<p>Create and customize professionally designed websites in minutes with no compromises on performance, zero limits on what you can design.</p>
<p>Performance Minded</p>
<p>Page speed and performance of your site are a priority at Kadence. All of our products are constantly optimized for the modern web.</p>
<p>Accessibility First</p>
<p>Accessibility is built into our products from the beginning. We plan, test and retest to make sure you can have an accessible website.</p>
<p>Premium Support</p>
<p>Your success is our success, so our support team strives to go above and beyond to help. That&rsquo;s why many customers say our support is the &ldquo;best they&rsquo;ve ever received.&rdquo;</p>
<p>Fast, Smooth Setup</p>
<p>Start with a beautifully designed site and all you have to do is change the text. Or drop in predesigned sections to easily build each page.</p>
<p>Risk-Free Purchase</p>
<p>If you&rsquo;re not satisfied with your purchase you can get a no-questions-asked refund 30 days from purchase date.</p>
<p>Use on unlimited sites!</p>
<p>That&rsquo;s right, you can use our theme and plugins on as many sites as you like, even client sites that you manage.</p>

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