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GoBiz is a digital business card/vCard maker and WhatsApp store script developed with Laravel PHP.

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#1 Fastest top-selling multi-user digital business card + WhatsApp store maker, designed to generate passive income. This SAAS-ready vCard and WhatsApp store maker allows for easy installation, plan creation, and revenue generation. GoBiz boasts a fully responsive modern UI VCard Maker suitable for creating diverse business and personal portfolios, making it the perfect choice to kickstart your SAAS business immediately.

GoBiz is a digital business card/vCard maker and WhatsApp store script developed with Laravel PHP. In alignment with the latest trends and technologies, it promotes the shift towards digitalization and the reduction of paper usage. This script introduces a novel concept, providing digital business cards/vCards that are easily updatable at any time and from anywhere, simple to share, compatible with all modern browsers, QR-enabled, and more.

Given the current COVID situation, businesses are increasingly embracing digitalization. GoBiz encourages the adoption of modern technology, urging users to start using digital vCards.

GoBiz empowers you to create plans and facilitates subscription acquisition from your users.

Main Features:
10 vCard Templates: Choose from a variety of professionally designed vCard templates to suit different professions and personal styles.
2 WhatsApp Store Templates: Tailor your WhatsApp store with two distinct templates for effective and visually appealing business interactions.
45+ vCard Styles: Explore a wide selection of over 45 vCard styles, providing diverse options for personalization.
Light & Dark Themes: Enjoy the flexibility of both light and dark themes to match your preferred aesthetic.
Monthly, Yearly, and Custom Subscription Packages: Offer users flexibility with subscription plans, including monthly, yearly, and customizable packages.
WhatsApp Store: Integrate a WhatsApp store to streamline business transactions and communication.
Multiple Payment Gateways Support: Facilitate transactions with support for multiple payment gateways, ensuring a seamless payment experience.
Built-in Laravel: Developed with the Laravel framework for robust functionality and efficient performance.
Multi-language with RTL Support (20+ Languages): Cater to a global audience with multilingual support, including Right-to-Left (RTL) language compatibility.
Powerful Admin Panel: Control and manage your site effortlessly through a feature-rich admin panel.
SEO Optimized: Enhance visibility and reach with SEO optimization to attract a broader audience.
Change Currency: Easily adapt to user preferences by allowing changes to currency settings.
Invoice & Tax: Efficiently handle invoices and tax settings within the system for comprehensive financial management.
Transaction History: Keep track of transaction history for accurate financial monitoring and analysis.
Fully Customizable Plans: Tailor subscription plans to meet the specific needs of your business.
Share vCard: Enable users to effortlessly share their vCards for enhanced networking opportunities.
8 Colors for Website: Choose from a selection of 8 website color schemes for a visually appealing interface.
8 Colors for vCard: Customize vCards with a variety of 8 colors to match personal branding.
Easy to Edit HTML (Blade) Template Files: Enjoy simplicity in customization with editable HTML (Blade) template files.
Fully Responsive: Ensure a seamless user experience with full responsiveness across devices.
And more: Explore additional features for a comprehensive and versatile platform.
vCard Features:
Personalized Links: Customize and personalize links to create a unique and branded vCard experience.
One-tap WhatsApp: Facilitate instant communication with a one-tap WhatsApp feature for quick and convenient messaging.
Save vCard: Allow users to save the vCard easily, ensuring easy access to contact details.
Share QR Code: Share contact information seamlessly through a QR code for quick scanning and saving.
QR Maker: Generate QR codes efficiently to enhance the accessibility of vCard information.
Customized Payment Details: Personalize payment details for easy and customized transaction processing.
Customized Social Media Links: Integrate and customize social media links to connect vCard with various online profiles.
Mobile Optimized: Ensure optimal display and functionality on mobile devices for a user-friendly experience.
Tap to Call Feature: Enable users to initiate a phone call with a simple tap, enhancing accessibility.
Tap to Email Feature: Facilitate quick communication through a tap-to-email feature for efficient email correspondence.
Contact Details: Include comprehensive contact details for a thorough vCard representation.
Profile Image with Cover Image: Enhance personalization with profile and cover images for a visually appealing vCard.
Working Hours: Specify working hours to inform contacts about the best times for communication.
Best Suitable for Personal and Business & more: Versatile features catering to both personal and business needs, with additional functionalities.
Payment Methods:
SAAS Enabled: Built as a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution for scalability and ease of use.
Clean Code: Well-structured and clean codebase for efficient maintenance and development.
Quick Support: Responsive and prompt support services for user assistance.
Ready to Launch: Prepped and configured for an immediate launch, minimizing setup time.
Developer-Friendly Structure: Designed with a structure that facilitates easy development and customization for developers.

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