DallHam - Gemini Ai, WhatsApp Chatbot, Avatar Maker SAAS System

DallHam is the first-ever app with Google Bard AI and Gemini Ai. It features a WhatsApp AI chatbot

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DallHam is the first-ever app with Google Bard AI and Gemini Ai. It features a WhatsApp AI chatbot (You can train for your business) for personalized customer interactions, an AI image generator, text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, and WordPress AI auto blogging. Enhance your business operations with this powerful app that combines advanced AI features for improved productivity and customer engagement.


Disclaimer:- DallHam required below API keys in order to run properly.


VPS (recommended) or any Nodejs-enabled shared hosting – Node 16.20 or above
MYSQL Database
Domain or Subdomain
OpenAi API
HamWiz API
AWS Polly Keys (Free 1 year)
Bard Ai (Free)
Gemini Ai (Free)

More Features

Informational dashboard
Ai Avatar
Gemini AI Chatbot
Free Bard Chatbot Live data access
Ai Image upscaling
User can use its own API key
WhatsApp Ai Chatbot (With train system)
Capability to handle your business for you via WhatsApp
Ai Images generator
Google Bard Ai Chat (Free API)
Multi types in ai image generation
WordPress Ai Auto blogging
Text to Ai Humon voice
Reactions to messages via WhatsApp
Typing is optional via WhatsApp Ai
Dynamic subscription plans
Unlimited web translation languages
Ping to admin for support
Tawk To Chat
Multi WhatsApp ai bots can be added
Order history for admin
National and International payment gateway
Manage users for admin
Dark and Light theme
Website color theme changer
Admin can add an unlimited trained chatbot
Live chatbot
Dynamic Frontend
SEO Meta dynamic pages
Product Descriptions
Amazon Product Titles
Social Media Post (Personal)
Social Media Post (Business)
Instagram Captions
Instagram Hashtags
Twitter Tweets
YouTube Titles
YouTube Description
All Social media content creator
Embed Ai ChatBot
Much More

App Access
Video:- Click Here

Frontend:- Click Here

Admin Login:- Click Here
Admin email:- admin@admin.com
Admin password:- password

User Login:- Click Here
User email:- user@user.com
User password:- password

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