CartLooks | Laravel & VueJS Powered Multivendor Ecommerce CMS with PWA

CartLooks is the most advanced and powerful Multivendor eCommerce CMS built with Laravel backend and Vue frontend

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CartLooks is the most advanced and powerful Multivendor eCommerce CMS built with Laravel backend and Vue frontend. It has a very powerful backend with some extraordinary features. It’s a Shopify Alternatives Self-Hosted Laravel Ecommerce CMS.

If you’re looking for a Single Vendor or Multivendor eCommerce solution that offers advanced features, exceptional performance, and a mobile-first design with PWA, look no further than CartLooks Powerful eCommerce CMS with Single Vendor and Multivendor features! Our platform is a complete eCommerce solution that meets the needs of the most common shopping platforms. With CartLooks, you get everything you need to manage your online shop, from inventory management to order tracking and more.

But what sets CartLooks apart is its Mobile First Design Responsive technology with PWA support. This ensures that your customers have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience regardless of what device they’re using. Plus, with CartLooks’s advanced features, you can easily manage your online store from anywhere, anytime. And our world-class customer support team is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Choose CartLooks eCommerce CMS and you can take your online business to the next level. With CartLooks, you get everything you need to succeed.
What’s Makes CartLooks Unique:
- PWA Included
- Mobile First Design
- Latest Framework & Technology were used
- Advanced Shipping System
- Advanced Refund System
- Advanced Blogging System
- Advanced Media Manager
- Amazon S3 Storage Integrated
- Generate Shipping label
- Social Media Share
- Drag & Drop website Builder
- Drag & Drop store Builder
- Drag & Drop Page Builder
- Drag & Drop Menu Builder
- Wallet System
- Automatic database and file backup system
- One click update system
- All Necessary Features Available for Every Business

CartLooks Use Case:
- Single Vendor eCommerce
- MultiVendor eCommerce
- Marketplace
- Fashion store eCommerce
- Beauty store eCommerce
- Electronics store eCommerce
- Medicine store eCommerce
- Eye Glass store eCommerce
- Book store eCommerce
- Furniture store eCommerce
- B2C eCommerce
- B2B eCommerce
- B2B2c eCommerce
- Drop Shipping Website

CartLooks Payment Gateways:
- Gpay
- Paypal
- Stripe
- Mollie
- Bank Transfer
- Cash on Delivery
More are coming soon…

CartLooks Available Shipping Charge & Tax Type:
- Flat rate shipping rate
- Product-wise shipping rate
- Advanced shipping profile-based shipping rate
- Shipping Profile
- Shipping Zone
- Shipping Rate
- Conditional Shipping Rate
- Shipping Time
- Product Wise Shipping Location and Rate
- 3rd Party Carrier Shipping Rate
- Pickup Point
- Product Wise Custom Tax
- Shipping Zone Wise Tax
- State Wise Custom Tax

Available Product Type:
- Simple Product
- Variable Product
More are coming soon…

Technology Used:
- Back-End: PHP, Laravel
- Front-End: VueJs

More Features
- The unlimited Theme color for Storefront
- Dark Mode
- Flash Sales
- Cookie Consent(GDPR)
- Website Popup Modal Ad with Newsletter
- Website Top Bar Banner Ad
- Custom Script adding option for live chat or others
- Automatic database and file backup system
- One click update system
- Newsletter subscription
- Product brands
- Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel
- Multiple Language + RTL
- Multiple Currencies
- Multiple Countries, states & Cities
- Advanced Home Page Builder
- Advanced Search
- Advanced Product Options
- Product Attributes
- Advanced Product Filtering
- Customer Panel
- Sales Analytics Chart
- Advanced System Report
- Custom Static Page
- Advanced Blogging System
- Invoice Print Option
- Product Video
- Drag & Drop Menu Builder
- Advanced Media Manager
- Custom CSS
- SEO Optimized
- And More…

- Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
- Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
- Password Hashing
- Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement
To install the Script the minimum server requirements are:

- PHP version 8.1.0
- MySQL 5.6+
- BCmath PHP Extension
- Ctype PHP Extension
- DOM PHP Extension
- FileInfo Extension
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- PDO PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- JSON PHP Extension
- CURL PHP Extension
- PCRE PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension
- GD PHP Extension
- Mod_rewrite PHP Extension
- Please check if “symlink” function is available in the PHP environment or not, if not please update your PHP environment or contact with server administrator
Demo Users:
Homepage One:

Homepage Two:

Demo Admin:
Password: 111111

Demo Seller: URL:
password: 111111

Multivendor Related Url:
1. Seller Login Url:
2. Seller Registration Url:
3. All Shop Page Url:

Demo Customer:
Password: 111111

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